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Everyday PC is a leader in the education technology market. Our core focus is delivering high-quality
hardware to schools with backed by our extended warranties and customer service you can count on.

  • We Are Everyday PC
    Making Technology Affordable

    We Are Everyday PC
    Making Technology Affordable

    Everyday PC has been successfully servicing the IT needs of educational institutions since 2004. In our company's history one thing remains consistent and that is our ability to provide reasonably priced computer hardware without sacrificing on quality. Our customers have come to rely on us to deliver the highest quality computer hardware backed by our extended care warranties as a strategy to reduce overall IT costs.

    We understand the goals of our customers and know the challenges that are faced with keeping up with today's technology. We have helped many organizations fill their classrooms, offices and homes with thousands of quality computers. No matter what your budget, we can help you find the solutions that best fit your needs.

  • Education Technology
    Our Expertise is K-12

    Education Technology
    Our Expertise is K-12

    Technology is changing at a rapid pace. As soon as you buy a new computer or laptop the next "latest and greatest" is already on the market. Wouldn't it make sense to invest less money so that you could upgrade your computers more often and without depleting your budgets?

    We understand the budget restrictions that schools are faced with and we help fill the gaps. Our best-in-business purchasing department has made strategic partnerships with all the major computer manufacturers. We can help find hidden rebates and negotiate deals which when coupled with our sought after extended warranty programs will really maximize your productivity.

    We also have top quality refurbished computer options for customers with stricter budget restrictions. Our top-quality refurbished equipment is backed by minimum 3 year warranties and have helped many schools throughout North America exceed their technology goals.

  • Commitment to Quality
    We've Got You Covered

    Commitment to Quality
    We've Got You Covered

    If you have any problems with any Everyday PC Computer that is under warranty, YOU decide how you want the problem to be handled. Tell our highly knowledgeable customer service reps your issue and sit back and watch as they solve your problem. Whether they have to connect remotely to your system or sending you parts or even an entire replacement unit - our main goal is to get you back up and running with as little down time as possible.

    Our support team is fully qualified to support our customers and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. Our technical staff works closely with your account manager to ensure you are fully taken care of from the point of purchase to deployment and beyond.

    If a problem occurs that our team can't troubleshoot with you, there is no reason to worry. All of our equipment is backed by a NO QUESTIONS ASKED warranty service. This warranty will cover all parts and labor as well as any shipping costs associated with getting you back up and running.

Thinking About Buying Refurbished? Our Quality is Guaranteed. Find out what it takes before we can give a computer the 'Everyday PC Certified' stamp of approval.



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