Computer Refurbishing
Our Trusted Process

Each piece of computer equipment that passes through the Everyday PC facilities goes through a series
of stringent tests and audits. We are proud of our standards and strive to ensure our customers only
receive the highest quality refurbished computer products.

Step 1:
Power On Test

Step 2:
Component Testing

Step 3:
Visual Inspection

Step 4:
Dust Removal / Full Clean

Step 5:
Windows Testing

Step 6:
Asset Tagging

Power On

All units are tested by technicians at Everyday PC, to ensure that they power up correctly. During this stage, any obvious failures or problems will be diagnosed and repaired before they are sent out to our customer.


Full Component Testing

We use specialist advanced diagnostic software to check each unit. During this stage, each component is connected to our testing server, and is fully checked and verified for optimal performance. This process ensures that all components are working correctly, and that they are the originals used in the manufacturing stage (this ensures correct functioning and imaging levels).


Complete Visual Inspection

Next, our experienced technicians will perform an in-depth inspection before passing a unit to ensure that there are no obvious problems, i.e. loose wires/fittings, missing covers or cosmetic damage. Only the highest quality units will pass our methodical visual inspections.


Dust Removal / Full Clean

Everyday PC always ensure that units receive a full hard drive clean, and that a fresh server image is loaded. This process ensures that the unit is operating to the highest standards.


Drivers Configuration 

All units are connected, and booted up to check that Windows is functioning correctly. During this stage, every driver is checked, to ensure that there are no conflicts or unrecognized hardware. Basic functions are also tested, along with the custom image for optimal performance.


Trackable Systems

Every computer is assigned with a unique Asset Tag number. This number is barcoded, then scanned into our system. This allows us to track the history of each computer – including individual components, testing history (and the name of the actual technician who performed the testing), any service work performed, custom upgrades and quality assurance measures.




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